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Our Story


We’ve worked together for many years with some of the greatest people development companies in the world and share a real passion for keeping business simple. In 2014 we took the plunge and launched Nudge, bringing our no-nonsense, straight forward approach to our clients. 


Jane & Ruth


Jane Hart

Jane considers herself lucky; she loves her work and gets to spend time working in organisations doing what she loves most; coaching, leadership development and team development.   Before setting up  her own business Jane held senior Learning and Development roles within General Electric and Cadbury.  At Nudge, Jane supports her clients to think about where they want to be, where they’re at, and helps them with practical steps to get there.  She’s often described as straightforward, practical and ‘disarmingly challenging’.   She loves the great outdoors; running, walking, camping with her family and friends.


Ruth Moran

Ruth has a passion for helping leaders, managers and individuals believe in themselves and in what they are trying to achieve. She held senior roles in Talent, and Learning and Development with B & Q and Coca-Cola giving her the impetus to set up on her own over 15 years ago. She has experience across many sectors including retail, fmcg, manufacturing, leisure, media and publishing. At Nudge, Ruth specialises in Personal Impact, Talent and Organisation Development,  Project & Change Management and has travelled all over the world with various clients. She is described as engaging, practical and knowledgeable.  She loves walking with her family and friends, reading and creative projects.