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Nienke Haarmans, HR Manager, NBC Universal

Jen Moran

To guide others in communication and influencing means understanding how to coach each unique individual to achieve their potential. We helped Nienke's work to support her team with several types of training, both in person and remotely. 

What was your business need?

"Elevating our finance teams in the Netherlands to an improved partnership with the new outsourced partner. Focus was on improve their communication and influencing skills".

Why did you choose nudge?

"The trainings are tailored to specific needs, which show the experience and flexibility of the trainer we always work with (Ruth Moran). Ruth is very pleasant to work with and execution of the training has always given great feedback from the attendees. They like her style and feel very comfortable in the sessions and open to learn."

What did they do?

"Delivered several trainings in the Netherlands on how to Influence face to face and remotely, Project Management, Time management and prioritisation, High Impact Presentation Skills".

What was the result?

"Attendees of the training feel more comfortable in approaching and partnering with the outsourced partner and are having a more tangible impact".